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Chia seed qualities

Beneficios de la chia
Chia, in addition to being a slimmer, is classified as a  superfood  It has several essential functions for the body, among which are:
  • It is capable of hydrating all organs
  • transport  nutrients  thanks to essential acids
  • Helps tissue regeneration
  • Help to  slowly assimilate carbohydrates , prolonging physical energy and preventing their caloric accumulation, which allows to reduce sugar levels 
  • Promotes the development of the fetus during pregnancy
  • Contains calcium and helps its absorption because it also contains boron, which helps absorb and use available calcium in the body
  • Helps regulate blood clotting, skin cells. In conclusion, chia seed is a nutritious food rich in vitamins and minerals.  that provide great resistance to our body against different diseases.
Calidad premium de chia
Cultivo de semilla de chia
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