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Origin and characteristics  goji berry

Venta de goji berry | mayoreo | sechiamente |

It is a hedge or thicket shrub that reaches 5 meters in height. It has thorny branches and elongated, entire and somewhat thick leaves. The pink or violet flowers have a bell-shaped calyx and a corolla with five lobes, the fruit is a fleshy ovoid berry red or orange.

The first Chinese archive documenting the use of Goji Berries  It is approximately 2300 years old, the fruits of the plant can be used to produce different types of healthy products, such as medicinal formulas and juices, the composition of Goji Berries has been studied chemically, especially the glycoconjugated polysaccharides.

It is located exactly on the northern edge of the Indian subcontinent, separating the low steppes of this country from the desert plateau, which is found in Tibet.

benefit effects

| sechiamente | goji a granel |

As an adaptogen,  goji berries  They help the body to adapt and rise above stress, provide energy reserves to help us handle almost any difficulty.  Relieves insomnia and improves sleep quality.

Antioxidants and their polysaccharide molecules defend us against premature aging, neutralizing the damage that free radicals cause in everything.  the  body,  they contain  beta-sitosterol,  What is it  effective in lowering cholesterol levels, its antioxidants prevent the oxidation of cholesterol and the formation of arterial plaques,  helping to keep arteries open and working smoothly.


  Goji polysaccharides stimulate and balance the activity of all kinds of immune cells, including T cells,


venta a granel de goji berry | sechiamente |

You can buy the dried fruits yourself and grind them or prepare a natural juice without the need for this process. The preparation must be carried out as if it were a grape juice, that is to say that at the end it is recommended to pass the liquid to drink through the strainer.  Take a glass every morning before breakfast so you can fully enjoy its benefits.


Goji berries can be consumed by people of all ages and physical conditions.   The optimal dose is about a handful  (20g-40g) a day. you can spread them  forming part of salads, soups, creams or different recipes. 

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