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Semilla de chia primera

Choose  grain and seed color

Sechimente has a highly efficient color selection team with  high quality solenoid valves. The working frequency is 1000 times per second  which guarantees the exact and perfect expulsion,   selected grains  and seeds to be able to deliver a  quality end product,  efficiently rejecting discolored defects, this also contributes to  reducing the levels of mycotoxins and delivering a product with the color that is needed, discarding "bathroom" product or product with a deficient color.
In general, the classifier  optics   They have four main components: the feeding system, the optical system, the image processing software, and the separation system.
All this with the aim of complying with a high level of quality of the product to be selected, reaching at least  levels from 99.95% up to 99.98%  true purity in color saturation.

premium chia without  selection 

premium chia with  selection 

chia pinta mexicana
Calidad garantizada

premium chia without  selection

chia blanca mexicana
Semillas de primera calidad
Chia mexicana en mayoreo
Calidad en chia

premium chia with  selection 

chia blanca primera
Chia certificada en mexico

At Sechimente we are experts in the  production and  national and global marketing of chia seeds, if what you want is to provide quality and product safety to your customers, we are sure that with us you will achieve it.

Semilla de chia cultivada en mexico

The quality of the chia seed is not only identified by its color, but also by its weight and the nutrition that this entails.  for an excellent product.

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