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Protein on another level !

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Through a process of intense research and development  ClearActiv, an innovative technology that allows functional nutrients to be extracted from any food in liquid form and with exceptional purity, eliminating all those unnecessary components  |  dryly  protein  |

Producto alimenticio | Proteina en mexico |

-Functional nutrients
-Native structure of macro and micronutrients

-Maximum absorption

-0% fat and 0% carbohydrates
-Free of additives, colors and artificial flavors

How does it work in our body?

The functional nutrients that are extracted through our technology nourish in a natural and specific way. The size of these nutrients does not require digestion to be assimilated.
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What are the benefits 

Strength, recovery and muscle development
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Prevention and recovery
Curar ligamentos | Como consumir proteina |

What does the Kit consist of?  and how long does it last

Performance and energy
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Proteinas | Monterrey | Sechiamente
Venta de | proteina en mexico |
The Kit consists of 20 frozen shots ,  designed to be taken 5 times a week after your workouts, in this way a kit lasts you a month. If your workouts are less frequent, the kit will last more than a month.
As it should be  to take?
The shot is taken at the end of your training session, just uncover, drink and go.
What does each shot contain?
Amino acids of natural origin that enhance your muscle gains and also reduce muscle pain and tone, among other benefits that they provide, since  only  we use  natural and quality raw material, free of hormones, additives and preservatives, totally natural.
How do I know that my product arrives in good condition?
Simple, send  express through the  DHL Parcel,  so the product arrives at  day  next, if for any  reason reaches the second  day, no problem, the product is protected up to  4 days,  so don't worry, coming  place it  in the freezer and done.
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