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Semilla de chia con agua
Chia con yogurth
Chia con mango
Semilla de chia en batidos
Chia con frutas
Semilla de chia con piña
Pan con chia
Semilla de chia con frutas

The chia seed that it produces sechimente is of high  quality, since an optimal result is obtained due to the fact that it is cultivated with  techniques  unique and with convincing results  hectare  for  hectare.

add of two  tablespoons of chia seeds  in a glass of water  and leave them soaking for at least 15 minutes, by doing this, the seeds release mucilage, obtaining a gelatinous substance, and due to this gelling action, they help maintain a feeling of satiety, controlling appetite.


1.- Put the chia seeds in dairy products:  If you plan to have some yogurt or eat a delicious ice cream, you can sprinkle a little chia. The taste will not change and you will find that it is a delicious way to consume these valuable seeds.

2.- Replace eggs or gel oil with chia:  When you mix a tablespoon of chia with ¼ cup of water, you will have the nutritional value of an egg in a quarter cup of oil for some recipe. Most recipes can use this chia replacement without any alteration.


3.- Mix chia with meals:  You can mix chia in dishes like lentils, beans, and broths. The taste does not change and at the same time you will be nourishing yourself more.



The  Quinoa that sells  dryly can be cooked  in 15 to 20 minutes and can be used in a wide variety of dishes from breakfast to dessert. In the morning you can have it like any other breakfast cereal by mixing it with raisins, cinnamon, a touch of maple syrup and a sliced banana. For lunch use it in a salad or served with black beans and sautéed vegetables. The possibilities of quinoa on the table are endless.


Fruta saludable sechiamente
Pan con nuez sechiamente
Nueces ricas
Ensalada de fruta con nuez
Desayuno de nuez sechiamente
Pan de nuez
  • Accompany breakfast with nuts: bread, cereals, fresh cheese or cottage cheese.

  • Add them to salads, such as mixed lettuce  with fresh cheese, walnuts and oranges, or that of  endive  with mussels, pomegranate and walnuts.

  • Mix the nuts with dairy products such as curd, yogurt or fresh cheese.

  • Take a handful of walnuts between meals as an aperitif, as part of lunch or an afternoon snack.

''Walnuts help stimulate the production of the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin, which are some of the most powerful digestive enzymes the human body produces. As long as a handful (or less) of nuts are consumed, the body normally overproduces these enzymes, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream and help cleanse the blood and lymphatic system.


Ensalada con cacahuate
Pan con cacahuate organico
Cacahuate al por mayor
Bolitas de cacahuate con chocolate
  • Get power:  Peanut contains vitamins, nutrients, minerals, antioxidants and is also a rich source of energy.

  • Lower cholesterol:  It reduces bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the body because it contains monounsaturated fats, especially oleic acid, which helps prevent coronary heart disease.

  • Promotes growth:  Peanuts are rich in protein, the amino acids present in this nut are good for the growth and development of the body.

  • Reduces the risk of stomach cancer:  polyphenolic antioxidants are present in peanuts in high concentrations. p-coumaric acid has the ability to reduce the risk of stomach cancer by reducing the production of carcinogenic nitroso-amines.

  • Reduces the risk of heart disease, nerve disease, Alzheimer's, and infections:  A poly-phenolic antioxidant, resveratrol present in peanuts prevents heart disease, cancer, nerve disease, and viral or fungal infections efficiently.

  • Prevents a stroke:  Once again, the resveratrol in peanuts prevents heart beats by increasing the production of nitric oxide.

  • Antioxidants:  peanuts contain antioxidants in high concentrations. These antioxidants become more active when peanuts are boiled. There is a 2-fold increase in biochanin-A and a 4-fold increase in genistein content. And these reduce the damage caused by free radicals produced in the body.


Aceite de chia

Something you should know is that  this oil does not contain gluten, so if someone in your family has this type of intolerance, it will be an excellent option.

The consumption of chia oil is as beneficial as it is practical.  You can include it in any of your stews because it does not alter the flavor. It is delicious in our salads and even in the classic breakfast toasts.

However, to benefit from its anti-inflammatory action, it is recommended to consume it raw. One tablespoon in the morning (25 g) with a few drops of  lemon juice  It is, without a doubt, a very adequate medicine that will help you.

Also don't forget that  chia seed oil is excellent for your  cosmetic use:  It will help you smooth out  wrinkles, tone the  skin will already give it elasticity.


Pan con amaranto
Amaranto inflado
Ensalada de amaranto
Dulce de amaranto
Bocadillos de amaranto

The  dried amaranth  Considered a super food due to its large amount of nutrients, it is still an ingredient that is not widely used outside of Latin America, but is increasingly popular. Its properties are really magnificent and it never hurts to know  how can it be consumed  to get your benefits. It is never too late to add new nutrients to your diet. And amaranth may be next on your list.

Amaranth seeds are a great cereal to make quick, rich and highly nutritious stews. To make amaranth seeds always ready in the cupboard, you just have to toast them and when they are ready, aerate them and store them in an airtight jar.

Amaranth seeds are a super complete food and full of  proteins , they replace and surpass meat in properties, they are rich in amino acids and vitamins. 


Ensalada de ajonjolí
sushi de ajonjolí
Mayoreo de ajonjolí
Pan con ajonjolí
Ajonjolí negro
Salmon con ajonjolí
Pasta con ajonjolí

1.- Sesame or sesame  by Sechimente  contribute to  lower cholesterol levels  in blood mainly due to its content in  lecithin  (unsaturated fatty acid). Lecithin dissolves fats and prevents their adherence to the walls of the arteries.

2.- These seeds contribute to regulate and improve the  bowel function  due to their fiber content. It will help us prevent constipation and prevent diseases of the intestinal tract.

3.- Sesame contributes to our cardiovascular system performing its functions correctly and reducing the chances of suffering from  cardiovascular ailments.

4.- Sesame vegetable protein is formed by one of the  8  essential amino acids  (the methionine). It is an excellent source of vegetable protein for vegans to incorporate into a regular diet.

5.- Sesame provides us with iron, a micromineral that participates in different functions in our body: it is essential to transport oxygen, it participates in the production of hemoglobin and collagen. Its deficiency is relatively common, especially in women, and can cause  iron deficiency anemia.

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