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Origin and characteristics  of the Maca

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Maca is grown at an altitude of 2,700 to 4,300 meters above sea level, and has been  cultivated in the Peruvian Andes for almost 2,600 years. It was considered by  incas  as a gift from the gods, in addition to growing it as food, they used it in religious ceremonies for dances and  rituals . History tells that the Incas fed their troops with maca, to enhance the strength of their fighters.  


On the other hand, it was also recognized as an aphrodisiac, as we can see, maca is a plant with beneficial properties recognized since pre-Inca times, which adapted to its environment by developing its own defense that allowed it to survive in the cold Peruvian Andes and is a great absorbent of the nutrients of the earth, the secret of its high nutritional level.

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benefit effects

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One of its uses is to use it as a natural energizer, since it is said that it increases the energy levels that the person has, their  resistance and therefore  sports performance. It also improves mood because maca is considered an adaptogen, that is, a substance that helps our body adapt to situations of great stress and anxiety, so it defends us from both physical and mental fatigue.


It is also  a regulator of the hormonal system, that is, it increases the performance of the endocrine system. Therefore, it is highly recommended for  premenopausal women, with hormonal or fertility problems.


Com extra and benefit in men,  reduces the size of the  prostate  thanks to its high content of glucosinolates compared to other foods.

Compra de maca orgánica en Monterrey nuevo leon


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It can be added to any natural drink, or food such as smoothies, teas, yogurts, desserts, broths, juices, coffees, homemade chocolates, oatmeal, muffins, cookies, breads. In smoothies, puddings, raw candies and natural juices seem to be the best ways to use maca powder.

Maca also provides a pleasant flavor to the dough for empanadas, puff pastries or pie dough.


It is preferable  do not heat it to high temperatures  (neither in the microwave nor in the oven) since it is possible that some of its nutrients decrease through the cooking process. Also do not add it to a food that is very hot because it will lose all its benefits. Although some of its benefits will begin to be noticed from the beginning, for it to have a more profound effect, it must be taken for at least 3 months.

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