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Origin and characteristics  of matcha tea

venta a granel de te matcha | sechiamente |

The  matcha tea  It has its origin in China, during the Song dynasty in the 10th century. During this time it occurred to them that the tea could be ground to not only ingest the infusion, but the entire leaf.  Later the Buddhist monk Eisai brought it to Japan, and since 1191 this tea has been used as one of the main ones in the Japanese tea ceremony.


Due to the refinement of its production, preparation and consumption, it is associated with the upper classes, and it is one of the most expensive green teas that we can find. Today it is also consumed in the West without carrying out any previous ceremony.

benefit effects

Matcha a granel | sechiamente |

The  matcha  has overcoat  antioxidant properties  surpassing any other fruit we can name. In addition to this,  Helps fight against cancer, diabetes and cholesterol. Reduces fat, strengthens the immune system, protects against flu illnesses, protects the intestinal flora, detoxifies the body and helps reduce fat.

Help to  create relaxation and  meditation, but without inducing sleep, the  matcha  generate  a state of alert but calm  thanks to the type of caffeine it contains: the  theanine This powerful green powder will give you energy that  can last up to six hours  without generating that "slump" that coffee causes since it is completely natural.


Venta mayoreo de te matcha

1 1/2 teaspoons Matcha powder  60ml of boiling water

Strain 1 1/2 teaspoons of matcha powder into a small tea bowl and set aside.
Place a strainer over a small tea bowl, measure out the matcha powder and pour it into the strainer.
Gently tap the side of the strainer to drop the tea into the bowl.
This breaks up the lumps and allows you to end up with a smoother matcha.

Matcha has to be churned  until you achieve a thick foam with many tiny bubbles. If there are cracks in the foam revealing the liquid below or large bubbles visible on the surface, the matcha's flavor profile will be poor compared to one that has been properly churned.

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